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Bergan dog and cat carriers offers an unmatched experience for you and your pet. The product is focused on both safety and comfort for your pet. Travel in comfort and peace. No more fretting aout how your pet is doing.

This pet carrier is:

  • Airline-Compliant
  • Fleece travel bed completely removable for a quick and easy wash
  • The built-in safety-belt allows the whole carrier to be restrained with your car seat belt
  • Offers excellent ventilation for your pet
  • Boasts of many built-in convenient pockets
  • Free padded shoulder strap
Ease the common fears when travelling because we take care of the security and comfort of your pet. We know it is common for most pets to become excited or anxious and even agitated on journeys.

This is perfect in so many instances: around-the-town pet companionship, trips to your veterinarian, road trips, taking you pet on the plane, comfort and convenience are a priority. Here is where the pet carrier keeps your pet safe.


Product Description

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Exclusive Bergan Comfort Pet Carriers

The Bergan Pet Carriers are durable and extremely comfortable for your pet cats or dogs. They’re distinctly stylish. The carrier has a zipper opening that allows you to touch or comfort your pet during travels.Soft washable fleece bed and rigid insert panel help keep carrier shape and are removable for washing. Half zip opening on one end, full zip opening on the other end and added mesh panels allow maximum accessibility and ventilation for your pet. Exclusive “Pet Connect” side zipper opening allows you to safely interact and comfort your pet while traveling.

  • · Included shoulder strap is optional, adjustable and padded for comfort.
  • · Stationary carrying straps fasten together into attached padded handle.
  • · Bonus identification tag and three exterior pockets for your added convenience.
  • · Reflective strips, seatbelt loops and locking zippers for added safety.


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